HISPANICS AND IMMIGRATION REFORM

I don’t know where to start. Every time one starts writing, you are supposed to think about the right words but perhaps I’m done with being “politically correct”.
I am just shocked with the results of the election, and most of all I am shocked by the power Hispanics have in this country.

Hispanics, minorities and unions had a major impact on electing Obama for a second term. They all have something in common, and that common thing is “free stuff and/or benefits beyond what they deserve”.
I get so infuriated when I hear Hispanics voted for Obama because of upcoming immigration benefits, and even more when I know that most illegals elected this country as residence because it is so easy to get benefits that they would not get in a million years in their native countries.

I am not going to focus on unions, nor minorities nor blacks in specific. My beef is with Hispanics; not all of them but a lot of them.
Let’s start from the beginning. Illegals come here because of poor quality of life back in their countries; lack of opportunities and violence is another reason. They are tired of their circumstances so they take off to the land of new opportunities where, by word of mouth, they hear that they will get paid a good salary and they will be taken care off in a way that they were never treated before.
You also have the Hispanic immigrant such as my self who wants to pursue the original American dream where everybody can make it if you work hard for it, and can’t wait to abide to USA’s culture and laws because you are so proud to be here.

It makes me really mad that there is a “disconnect” between our race. Why? Because we, the good Hispanics are tired of being embarrassed by the massive amount of trashy Hispanics that come here to suck all the blood from USA, while we, the good Hispanics, work so hard every day of our lives, to make the best out of our stay in this country.

I am not saying by any means that all illegals are bad and all legal Hispanics are good. All I am saying is that there is a majority of us that are making us look really bad in this country. That is the truth.
Even if one day immigration reform comes, it will come not because of out of respect for the Hispanic community but because of the need of their votes. What makes you think the Hispanic race is well respected in USA when Hispanics are known for drugs, for coming here to America to abuse their stay, for not following rules and laws in this country, and for occupying America’s jails? Think about it.
Regardless of how true this statement is or not, or perhaps true to some extends, that is how Americans perceive Hispanics in general; As a pest that is invading this country. How sad is that?
I understand why Americans would be considered racist against Hispanics if you look at it this way. I have to admit I am racist too against my own people. I don’t want to be associated with Hispanics that make our race look bad.The good Hispanics have to work extra hard to accomplish goals here and be trusted because of the black shadow that bad Hispanics leave in this country.

The government will approve immigration reform to get the Hispanic vote and in return the Hispanic community will get work permits and all benefits that the government offers.
Is this “victory” for the Hispanic community? Would you call victory to get a work permit in a country that was trespassed illegally? Would you call victory that the government is looking for the Hispanic vote to win elections and seats in public offices? This is such a short-sided vision of Victory.
I am ashamed of all who thinks like this and I am ashamed of all Hispanics that think coming here illegally is some kind of heroic act that needs to be rewarded. I am even more ashamed of Hispanic celebrities who encourage illegal rights as if the rest of us were the criminals and they were the victims.

I call victory when an individual comes to this country and pursues a dream honorably with hard work and abide by the laws of the new land.
I would call a victory for the Hispanic community when we are genuinely respected for our great stories of immigrating to this country legally and contributing positively to the community.
I will call it victory when Hispanics start calling illegal immigration for what it is: An illegal act.                                                                                                                                                   I will call it victory when the Hispanic community is able to successfully persuade elected public officials to work diligently for a better “legal immigration system” instead of continuing forcing ourselves in to a foreign country illegally.
I will call it victory when we can make smarter and better decisions on who will we be given our vote to.
I will call it victory when our voting concern is not only immigration but also how to make this country great in broader issues such as jobs, foreign policy, economy, family and religion.
I will call it victory when politicians know they cannot longer buy the Hispanic vote with cheap dreams.                                                                                                                                          I will call it victory when Hispanics together start working hard to make sure the next generation is honorable enough to represent us here in America.
I will call it victory when Hispanics start realizing immigration reform is not a victory at all.
Immigration reform is perceived as the result of a bunch of people that came to America illegally and collectively started demanding a legal status, started demanding not to be discriminated against and started being an annoyance to the American community and since there is no other choice but to, unfortunately, accept illegals, because (let’s accept it) they are not going anywhere, is for this reason that politicians have taken advantage of this situation to get their votes. That’s all. But don’t get me wrong! I know many illegal workers, mainly laborers who are great people; they have come here to work hard and feed their families, but unfortunately, that is not the common denominator. If they were all like that, I wouldn’t be writing this. There is a reason why Americans are fed up with this type of immigration you know?
Immigration reform is just a result of an unfortunate situation that will continue to be seen as unfortunate, and Hispanics will not be seen more welcome that before, unless we start doing some work here.

Do you really want America to welcome us? Do you want to enjoy a country where we are “still” free and have the chance to conquer our dreams?
Then we need to STOP thinking about what the government can give us, and START thinking what we can do for our-selves and for this country. We need to START changing the image we have created in this country.
It is not enough that politicians need our vote out of “convenience”. The Hispanic community should declare victory when our vote is needed because of “substance”.

I would like to invite all the good Hispanics out there to start working for the real victory; for a victory in the long run where we are seen as first class citizens and not as an unfortunate and inconvenient member of this society.

We need to get together and push forward to become a better race with better choices. We can do better than this!

What does it mean to be a first class citizen for Hispanics?

1.  Work diligently to support/create a better legal immigration system and stop supporting illegal immigration.
2. Teach our children and others that “smooching” from the government is pathetic and doesn’t lead to a dignified prosperous life. ** ( please note that smooching has nothing to do with those who use government help for genuine and valid reasons)
3.  Educate our-selves in all matters relating to this country
4.  Learn the language; English.
5.  Be ethical at all times
6.  Choose better friends
7.  Choose better friends for our children
8.  Go to church
9.  Learn what we hear at church
10. Put in practice what we learn at church
11. Avoid breaking the law
12. Be an example at work
13. Be an example everywhere we go
14. Spread the word on how a good Hispanic should behave
15. Be involved in your community
16. VOTE for the Hispanic prosperous future and not for a short cheap dream
18. Don’t let God be thrown out to the streets.
19. Many Many more things……….

Do you have more ideas on what we need to do? Lets start here. Write in this blog.

I am sure there are a million more things that we can do as good Hispanics to conquer the “real victory”, but if you understood my words above, you’ll pretty much know what to do moving forward!
Let’s talk again in 2016.


About A girl in LV Heights

I guess I am just like any other girl trying to figure out this whole new world that falls on your feet when your kid starts school/daycare
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